Disrupting Management Consulting: How Knowledge + Network is Key to Tangible Outcomes

C-Suite Revitalization

While many companies are pursuing holistic transformation, the top leadership positions remain stubbornly unchained. For instance, according to The Wall Street Journal, Black professionals hold just 3 percent of executive or senior-level roles.

Pipeline Development

Minority-led startups have an opportunity to build foundational companies predicated on diversity and inclusion. Unfortunately, many minority-led startups fail to reach their full potential, which Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur Access Network is looking to fix. The cohort program teams with Black and Latinx founders to provide early-stage financing and scalability capacity.

Networking & Connections

Ultimately, diversity and inclusion efforts are predicated on connections. Otherwise, they are just good ideas or strategies on paper. Personal and professional connections (also known as “social capital”) often dictate hiring decisions with as much as 80 percent of all jobs being acquired through this interpersonal approach.


Looking back, 2021 will either be remembered as a catalyst for real change or another missed opportunity that further erodes businesses’ ability to maximize their potential. While the old consulting models are being questioned, modified, and improved, there is an opportunity to create real change that optimizes business outcomes, enhances social impact, creates dynamic, sustainable companies both now and in the future.



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Andrea Hoffman

Andrea Hoffman

CEO @ Culture Shift Labs | Growth Strategist | Biz Dev Exec | Advisor to Leaders | Author | SME: Diversity & Innovation | Serving Early Adopting Execs.